2022 Mid-Atlantic Undergraduate Philosophy Conference Photos

Some of the images from the 2022 Mid-Atlantic Conference can be seen below. Thank you once again to all who came to the 2022 Mid-Atlantic Undergraduate Philosophy Conference on April 9th, and special thanks to our keynote speaker, Professor Lucy Allais, for her talk on “A Kantian Account of Freedom of the Will,” to Rima Hussein and Fearghus Horan from Johns Hopkins’s chapter of Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) for their workshop on applying to graduate school in philosophy, and to all of our undergraduate presenters for providing excellent presentations (whose names and talks will be listed below).

Sabah Rainey (Centre College), “New Streets and Signs: Street Art as a Response to Willful Hermeneutical Ignorance”

Jintao Zhu (University of Cambridge), “The Semi-liberal View: A Useful Account of the Meaning of Life”

Gillan Chalono (Amherst College), “The Personal is Political: Property as a Distributive Interface”

Codey Carr (Occidental College), “de Tocqueville on Materialism in Modern Democracy”

Long Nguyen (Hillsdale College), “Language and Common Sense in Berkeley’s Philosophy”

Tobias Rivas (Grinnell College), “Reasoning Together”

Mia Reiland (Swarthmore College), “Duties to the Environment as Seen Through Kant’s Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals”

Weiming Sheng (Vassar College), “Plato’s Tripartite Classification of Normative Reasons” – Winner of the Best Essay Award

Attendees and speakers, from left to right, bottom to top. First row: Lawrence Cao, Madeleine Schmitz. Second row: Ava Lasmanis, Professor Lucy Allais, Areli Villavicencio, Weiming Sheng, Cecilia Miller, Zayeed Akhter, Nhat Tran. Third row: Clara Kraft, Long Nguyen, Codey Carr, Gillan Chalono, Annelisa O’Neal, Jonas Zhai, Damon Choi. Fourth row: Rima Hussein, Fearghus Horan, Tobias Rivas, Sabah Rainey
Conference speakers, from left to right: Professor Lucy Allais, Codey Carr, Gillan Chalono, Weiming Sheng, Sabah Rainey, Tobias Rivas, Long Nguyen
Speakers and attendees having lunch. Pictured here: Tobias Rivas, Long Nguyen, Lawrence Cao, Madeleine Schmitz, Codey Carr, Annelisa O’Neal, Gillan Chalono, Areli Villavicencio
Speakers and attendees having lunch (pt. 2). Pictured here: Ava Lasmanis, Demi Liu, Sabah Rainey, Nhat Tran
Rima Hussein and Fearghus Horan giving a workshop on how to apply to graduate school for philosophy.

Pictures were taken by Prometheus board members. Please contact prometheusjhu@gmail.com if your name is missing or if you have any questions.

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